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Middle School

Middle School


At St. Ann's, our sixth through eighth grade students engage in a challenging curriculum meticulously designed to foster independence and readiness for high school.

Our english and language arts curriculum is structured around a novel based program in conjunction with the Savvas myPerspectives program. Together, this curriculum promotes critical thinking and literary analysis. Social studies instruction is also provided by Savvas Learning Company and enriches students' understanding of history and society.

In mathematics, students develop their skills through Glencoe Mathematics, with opportunities for advanced placement in pre-algebra and algebra 1, enabling them to earn high school credit. StemScopes Science offers hands-on laboratory experiences which enhances their scientific inquiry and discovery.

Nurturing spiritual growth is integral to our mission. Students explore their faith journey through Sadlier's "We Believe and We Live Our Faith" curriculum in sixth and seventh grade while eighth graders delve deeper into the "Catholic Connections" curriculum. Both programs prepare our students for a life enriched by Catholic teachings.

Enrichment & Elective Classes in Middle School

In our middle school program, students in grades sixth through 8th participate in physical education and computer classes at least twice each week, promoting both physical wellness and technological proficiency.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to select an elective. Options include band, art or Spanish, allowing students to explore their interests and talents. Starting in seventh grade, students can audition for the Worship Ensemble which provides a platform for musical expression and collaboration.