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"There are too many wonderful things to be said about St. Ann's Catholic School! From the superior education to the solid faith foundation, I would never give up my 11 years at St. Ann's. The community is unique in the most wonderful way, and even 6 years after graduating, my very best friends roamed the halls, gym, and church of St. Ann's with me." - Rachel Eyler, Alumna

"I have been a part of the St. Ann's Catholic School community since 1998. During that time, I have had the opportunity to have a somewhat unique perspective as I have viewed it through the eyes of both a teacher and a parent. Both have proven to be a blessing in my life and the lives of my family. I have been privileged to work with some of the finest teachers, who in turn, blessed my children with a learning environment where they were not just another face in the crowd, but a beloved child of God. At St. Ann's, we are able to invoke our faith into all that we do so that our students learn that our faith is not something we keep on a shelf and take down on Sundays, but a part of all we say and do. I have often tried to find the best words to describe what being a part of St. Ann's Catholic School is, but there aren't any words that can do it justice. It is something that you must experience for yourself." - Tonya Erwin, Current Teacher and Former St. Ann's Parent

"Going to a Catholic school is a very special thing and not something everyone can do.  There are many perks involved in attending St. Ann's Catholic School, such as growing in your faith with Christ, forming a strong bond with your school and community, participating in different sports and service projects, and lastly, an excellent education." - Connor Parker, Current Student 

"As an alumna of St. Ann's Catholic School, I love having the opportunity of sending my children to this wonderful school. St. Ann's is very family oriented and has a very loving staff. I love watching my children grow each year not only through their studies but through their Catholic faith."  - Suzanne Madrid, Alumna and Current Parent

"We simply could not have found a better school for our children. The staff is caring, the parents are pragmatic, and the sense of community is astounding. It's no wonder that these children flourish."  - Mary Baker, Parent

"We wanted to put our boys at a place where they'd get a great education, but more importantly, be in an environment that supports the values that we are enforcing at home. St Ann's is that place and we couldn't be happier by making that choice years ago."  - Dan & Jennifer Varner, Parents

"I like St. Ann's because I am receiving a great education. I feel prepared and am confident that I will be successful in the future. I've made a lot of close friends since I started school here in Pre-K3. We are like family! I feel I have gained great knowledge about my faith. Going to St. Ann's has brought me closer to Jesus and has made me realize who I want to be for myself and others."  - Josh Guebara, Current Student

"What do I love about St. Ann's Catholic School? All I can do is name what's most important to me. First, morals and values -- the school staff not only talks about them but lives by them! Second, all the school staff know each of the kids, and in turn, the kids know each other. This makes everyone accountable for their actions. Third, opening prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance every morning instills love of God and country (in that order!)  Next, my grandsons show immense pride in their ownership of the school and their parish. Lastly, religion -- not just taught but practiced every day."  - Carla Repman, Grandparent

"St. Ann's Catholic School is like a haven to me and my family. My mother worked here as a teacher and DRE, five of my siblings and I attended school here, and I've been pretending to 'work' here as a pre-school teacher. I absolutely love this job. In addition, the liturgies at Mass have deeply enriched our lives. We feel so at home here!" - Sara Welch, Teacher and Alumna

"I really enjoyed the tightly knit community at St. Ann's and the individual attention the students were given due to smaller classes. This attention allowed for additional one-on-one help when it was needed. The additional guidance and advanced academics at St. Ann's has significantly helped me adjust to Early College High School, as I was already used to advanced work. St. Ann's also gave me a strong foundation for learning, which continues to guide me as I take on new academic challenges." - Alexandria Montes, High School Student and Alumna